Speaking Engagements

Marie Higgins is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Blogger. She started massage school in 2009 having had only one experience of massage herself. During the same period she was in school she received spiritual direction and quickly became a believer in the body, mind and spirit connection. Prior to that she worked in Human Resource Management and earned her MBA from St. Louis University.

The blogging Marie does is about her experiences that come as a result of a spiritual journaling practice. She hopes to help others more fully develop their inner spirit wisdom. In 2015 she “broke ground” by setting up a blog site and then, beginning in 2016, shares two posts each week with the goal of getting people to ask God* “what else should I know?”

The website is CardinalTouch.net and the blog may be found at cardinaltouch.blogspot.com.

Most recently Marie has written a book called Sprouting Spiritual Growth. It is a memoir and advocate of daily spiritual journaling. It provides suggestions on different prayer methods including walking meditation. It also shares what can happen when you ask this or a similar question each session, “God what else do you want me to know?” For each of us God’s response will be unique. For Marie, the desires of the heart became apparent by developing this more personal relationship with God. She could see God’s hand stamped on it, especially during the looking back. You’ll see it too!

Marie is a keynote speaker. She presents on a variety of topics about the body, mind and spirit connection. For example, as a small business owner and provider of healing touch she speaks about smart practices for leading a balanced life. Most recently she has been teaching spiritual journaling and other ways to pray and develop our inner spirit wisdom. Venues include schools, especially at colleges and universities, women’s groups (small and large), holistic centers or the like.

To contact me, please email cardinaltouch@verizon.net.

* Marie uses the term God as a universal term. You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, Sensibility, etc. better suits you today. It is not for me to decide.