About Cardinal Touch

Marie_5 from Carrie Anne May 2013Cardinal Touch began with the body segment of the mind, body, spirit connection. In 2009 I left the business world to pursue a more balanced life. It led me to a career in massage and I learned about the care of muscles. But I also learned that the mind and spirit can not be separated from the body. This learning came from a combination of the teachings of others and also my journaling practice that began about the same time. From this realm of the body, mind and spirit, I learned how to live life more smoothly, with ease and faith. I have done this because journaling in a way that asks God* what I need to know has made all the difference. Now I want to share the outcomes of this practice with you and help you find or deepen your inner spirit wisdom.

To contact me, please email cardinaltouch@verizon.net.

* I use the term God as a universal term. You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, etc. better suits you for today. It is not for me to decide.