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Book Cover Sprouting Spirituality half sizeSprouting Spiritual Growth is a memoir and advocate of daily spiritual journaling. It provides suggestions on how to pray and what can happen when you ask this, or a similar question, each session, “God, what else do you want me to know?”

For each of us, God’s response will be unique.  For Marie, the desires of the heart became apparent by developing this more personal relationship with God.  She could see God’s hand stamped on them, especially during the looking back.  You’ll see it too.

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Melinda Hills5 stars
If you are one of the many people searching for a way to develop a deeper and more rewarding spiritual practice, Sprouting Spirituality: A Memoir and Guide to Spiritual Journaling by Marie Higgins is a wonderful place to start. Based on her own experiences, Higgins shares her personal journey as she struggled to find God’s meaning for her life. Describing the work she did with a Spiritual Director, who helped her identify a variety of ways to look for God’s message, Higgins discusses meditation, types of prayer, and spiritual journaling. For Higgins, journaling became quite important as she has been able to look back and discover patterns, themes, and see her own growth in becoming closer to the spiritual person she desires to be. Although God is the higher power Marie Higgins refers to in Sprouting Spirituality, the beauty of this book is that it can refer to any Supreme Deity or Universal power greater than ourselves. Anyone from any background can benefit from the meditation and peace Higgins shares with us.

Ten chapters provide a guide for realizing that something is missing in your life and how to ‘pull back the weeds’ to get to the truth and beauty you yearn for. Each chapter in Sprouting Spirituality ends with questions designed to help you focus on the content of the chapter and provide a starting point for journaling.

Jack Magnus5 stars
Marie Higgins’ non-fiction inspirational self-help book, Sprouting Spirituality: A Memoir and Guide to Spiritual Journaling is a well-written and informative work that addresses the spiritual element in life and decision-making, and shows how spiritual guidance can be gained through journal writing. Each chapter proceeds smoothly from one to the next, and the topics that conclude the chapters nicely sum up the salient points and help guide the reader’s adaptation of them into their own journaling. I especially appreciated the author’s personal approach to each topic, both through describing her own situation and relevant poetry, as well as her emphasis that Spirituality includes the reader’s own personal belief system, rather than that of a specific religion.