Uncover Your Inner Spirit Wisdom

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Cardinal Touch, huh?  What’s in a name?  To me, Cardinal Touch simply means essential (Cardinal) connections (Touch) – to the earth and to each other.  It’s a way of life that fits me and connects me:  God* first (listen to my heart), take care of me second (listen to my body), and then give back to the world and everything in it.  It is also a life that maximizes my abilities while allowing me the greatest sense of enjoyment.  I didn’t always live this way.  I have struggled, and still need to remind myself some days to not revert back to going solo on my own path.  What I’ve learned is that if I don’t kick and scream and fight the simpler life, I find that the path that God guides me to is much more pleasant and life-giving for me.

Specifically it is a way to use journaling to develop your inner spirit wisdom. It’s quite simple really in terms of the steps:

  1. Use a journal and write down whatever is on your heart on a regular basis. I do this almost daily now but when I started years and years ago it was something I did every once in a while, then once or twice a week, and now I hate to miss it. I am a morning person so I do it first thing or after a few chores. It often starts off with what I did the day before or what’s coming today but then I also get into what’s bothering me or what’s making my heart sing. I might also write my gratitude list in my journal but not always. You decide what time of day is best for you and what you include in your journal.
  2. When you think you have written out what’s most pressing on your heart, write out the question “God*, what do you want me to know?”
  3. Then write down what comes to you. If you feel compelled to use a tool, use a tool. Tools include things like meditation cards (I like the ones with one word on them), a book that you open up randomly and read what’s on that page (I often use the Bible or Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill but nonreligious books work too). If you’re not sure what tool to use, let the Spirit* guide you.

This is the daily practice. It can take as much or as little time as you have. Doing it often provides value because it gives the opportunity to look back over your journey. You can look back over a period of time to see what was happening in your life and what your Higher Power* was telling you, often repeatedly. Maybe you want to look at the last week, the same week from a year ago, the last whole journal. Whatever timeframe is on your heart is right for you. Be a pattern hunter: was the same thing on your heart last year, have you pulled the same meditation card 3 times in the last month, did you write about the same place or person? Write down what you uncover.

The hard part is making the time to do the work. For me, it has made a significant difference in that I have found an easier way to live, allowing the Great Spirit* to be my guide

For daily prompts and more of my story, go to cardinaltouch.blogspot.com.

* I use the term God as a universal term.  You may decide that Great Spirit, Allah, Higher Power, etc. better suits you for today.  It is not for me to decide.